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A comedy about getting lost, making friends and finding yourself.


About the movie

Two women facing major life changes become unlikely friends when they take to the road to “find themselves,” but when their #vanlife proves to be anything but Instagram worthy, they’re forced to confront the lives they left behind.

Seeking an escape, a creatively blocked artist and a high-strung consultant become fast—however unlikely—friends after a serendipitous encounter in which they learn they are reading the same self-help book, Vanish, wherein readers are encouraged to find themselves by losing themselves.

The unlikely duo team up Tommy Boy style, putting the rest of their lives and responsibilities on hold to take to the road, only to realize they have no idea who’s riding shotgun.


Visual style

Bucket list-worthy vistas and retro vehicles. Need we say more?

Call to mind the most irritatingly fabulous Instagram feed you’ve ever seen, and then imagine the pictures are moving. That’s #Vanish. See the full Lookbook.


The team


Celeste Chaney

Celeste Chaney is an author, screenwriter and filmmaker. A journalist turned marketer, she left the corporate world to publish her first novel, In Absence of Fear, which received Honorable Mention at Foreword’s Book of the Year Awards. A chance encounter threw her headlong into film and she hasn’t looked back since. Her first film, The Feed, is currently in production with Passage Pictures.

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Allison Wagner

Allison Wagner is a writer and filmmaker whose work has appeared on both the wall of the women’s restroom and her MySpace page. She fell backward into a creative life after discovering a career in intelligence was…well, not so intelligent. She is a current film student at Second City’s Harold Ramis Film School, holds an MFA in fiction, and absolutely would love to see a picture of your dog.



Visually stunning and geographically diverse, Utah also has a film incentive program that offers qualifying film and television productions up to 25% tax credit or cash rebate on Utah spend.



Two strangers met, instantly became friends, decided to make a movie (about two strangers who become friends and go on a road trip), and figured they probably ought to take a road trip, too, because…well, why should fictional characters have all the fun?

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